Dr. L. Gregory Jones
President of Belmont University

“Our aspirations for the next decade are limited only by our imagination.

We want to be a university that aspires to big dreams–God-sized dreams. Dreams that can transform lives.”

L. Gregory Jones on Belmont's campus

Meet Greg

A celebrated speaker, author, educator and business leader, Dr. Greg Jones believes in supporting communities through hope-inspired leadership and instilling a sense of purpose and entrepreneurial mindset in the next generation. He is dedicated to collaborative bridge-building across diverse perspectives and seeks to leverage his work as a University President to form leaders of character who are committed to helping people and communities flourish.

He speaks all throughout the Middle Tennessee area and beyond on a variety of related topics and is excited about his work across campus and throughout the Nashville community. Under Greg’s leadership, Belmont is furthering its efforts to become the leading Christ-centered University in the world, radically championing the pursuit of life abundant for all people.

Greg’s Writings

2023 President’s Report

2023 President’s Report

2023 was a year of incredible milestones at Belmont University. Achievements throughout this season were cultivated through traditioned innovation, an approach that builds on the best of our past and then gets expressed in creative, transformational action.

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Latest News & Updates

In Layman's Terms Podcast, Episode 19 | Dr. Greg Jones

Episode 19 | Dr. Greg Jones, In Layman's Terms Podcast

Steve Layman sits down with Belmont University President Dr. Greg Jones for an engaging, and wide-ranging conversation. The pair discuss Belmont legend Ben Sheppard and his rise in the NBA, embracing exciting partnerships and initiatives on campus, and staying rooted in Belmont’s ‘North Star’ of Jesus Christ. Jones delves into his love of sport, his admiration for Belmont student-athletes and coaches and his relationships at Baylor and Duke, including Hall of Fame Coach Mike Krzyzewski. Layman and Jones also discuss the state of college athletics, the present and future of higher education and Belmont’s role in equipping and leadership formation.

Photo of a fountain and building on Belmont's campus

More and more Americans are feeling less satisfied. Higher education offers a solution.

In an era marked by challenges and uncertainties, higher education emerges as a vital source of hope and renewal for Americans seeking satisfaction and meaning in their lives.

Institutions that articulate their mission and purposes clearly — then put those commitments into action — and who prioritize character development and whole-person formation are poised to address the countless challenges our communities are facing, including the growing dissatisfaction seen in the lives of so many Americans.

Dr. Greg Jones

Breathing with double lungs: How higher education can thrive in a changing market (University Business)

Breathing with two lungs helps humans thrive. While people can function on one lung, they will not work at full capacity. Reaching their full potential becomes a challenge. Developing our second lung, however, allows us to breathe deeper with greater efficiency and endurance. Higher education is at a crossroads that demands immediate action: We must innovate with new revenue streams or face the adverse effects of an impending enrollment cliff.