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Creative Visionary

creative visionary

A Creative Visionary is a student who shows great imagination and creativity in their work. As a Creative Visionary, you are often the one who comes up with the most unique and innovative ideas, and you have a strong ability to think outside the box. You may often feel confident in your abilities and unafraid to take risks. This sets you apart but can sometimes result in you being misunderstood by your peers. But it also means that you are usually the leader of your class or friend group. Visionaries are often very passionate about their chosen field of study and have a strong desire to make a difference in the world. School can be a place where you can truly shine–especially as you find places to contribute using your unique gifts and talents.

Hint: You may identify with more than one purpose! Click the sections at the bottom of the page to learn more about the others.

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Discover Your Purpose Area

“What’s Your Why?” is more than just a catchy phrase. It’s a question that can help to focus your attention on what really matters in life.

And for Belmont students, it’s a question that can guide them as they discern their vocation and career path. Students at Belmont explore the importance of developing purpose by keeping questions of God and faith at the heart of their decision-making process.

You can, too!

By anchoring your choices in something larger than yourself, you can find direction and meaning in your work, no matter what career you choose. By discovering your “why,” you’ll set yourself up for a lifetime of flourishing.

When you come to Belmont, you can take the What’s Your Why interdisciplinary course, where you have an opportunity to choose your own adventure, so to speak. During the course, you’ll discover what it means to be a Sincere Storyteller, Organizational Innovator, Thoughtful Investigator, Creative Visionary or Compassionate Guide!

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Rick Rekedal in What’s Your Why Class

Find Your Why at Belmont

You may find that you identify with more than one purpose area. Click below to read about the others!

Organizational Innovator
Sincere Storyteller
Thoughtful Investigator
Compassionate Guide
Creative Visionary