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Attend the Hope Summit: Time to Dream Together

Sep 14, 2022 | Belmont Updates, Leadership, Pathway #2 - Data-Informed Social Innovation | 0 comments

Belmont University’s strategic visioning process for 2030 is well underway, and I’m grateful to each member of our community for their efforts in accomplishing this work together. 

One important way to continue our efforts toward impacting the lives of others is through The Hope Summit, held at Belmont October 24-26, where we’ll dive into Pathway 2, Data-Informed Social Innovation to Help Regions Thrive. Together we’ll address the question: How can we contribute to the community around us and best love our neighbors.

The Hope Summit is an interactive three-day gathering designed to allow us to build, innovate and dream together–all focused on how to make hope real on our campus and in our lives, work and community. We’ll be welcoming many guests including Kim Tan, one of my close friends and a social impact investor who has meaningful insights to share on how to further our efforts in this space.

This incredible event will provide a campus-wide celebration and opportunity to dream, build and innovate together—all toward the focus of making hope real in our lives, work and communities. 

Click here to see the full Hope Summit schedule.